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down pillows

Introducing the sensational down pillow filled with down sourced from Greater Poland geese. Peaceful, undisturbed sleep is essential to mental and physical wellbeing.

A restful night's sleep means an energetic and pain-free day. No more aching neck and shoulders when you wake up! We spend up to a third of our lives sleeping. Let's take care of what it is that we sleep on as well as under.

What makes pillows filled with Polish goose down so incredibly comfortable and ensures a peaceful and healthy sleep?

Goose down pillows provide a healthy and restful sleep while being an aesthetically pleasing addition to every bedroom. Goose down is the perfect and luxurious filling and it’s no surprise that it has been treated as such for centuries.
Polish goose down is a truly world-class natural filling material. It’s light, soft, and characterized by a high fill power providing the best air circulation, while remaining a true delight to the touch.

What kind of down are the pillows filled with?

The pillows are filled with carefully selected, sterile, white goose down from Greater Poland geese bred in ecologically clean areas. We source down only from ethical suppliers whom we’ve had a proven working relationship with for decades. We never compromise on quality – our down boasts an incredible fill power of 700 in the CUIN scale.

What makes our pillows stand the test of time?

To keep the down evenly distributed, our pillows have been hand-sewn using traditional techniques for close to a century.
Each pillow is finished with a white cotton binding tape – called ‘biza’ – which provides a charming, subtle sheen as well as seals the pillow even further.
The unique properties of the purest and highest quality down filling mean the pillow returns to its original shape quickly – all you need to do is shake it a few times. The best-in-class down prevents piling, clumping, and retains its fill power to last a lifetime.

Can children sleep on down pillows?

Down pillows are designed for both adults and children. You need to choose the right size and filling weight – as this determines the pillow’s height – suited to a particular age. We’re happy to provide individual advice and pricing.

We make custom pillows – tailor-made to fit your needs.

We make custom pillows according to your particular requirements. Our pillows are hand-sewn and come in all sizes. Get in touch, tell us what you’re looking for, and we’ll come back with an individual offer made just for you.

Gift and storage packaging.

The pillow is packed in a reusable, drawstring cotton bag emblazoned with a golden logo and offers perfect storage conditions. And it’s going to prove a unique gift-wrap, too!

Our hand-sewn pillows are:

  • made of exclusive and organic cotton/ batiste – no synthetic dyes
  • a local, Polish product, hand-sewn with love for the beauty of handiwork and attention to detail
  • characterized by an unparalleled fill power that guarantees resistance to piling and clumping
  • uniquely able to regain their original shape and maintain fluffiness
  • incredibly durable and of the highest quality – all our products are hand-sewn by tried-and-tested techniques and boast a track record of nearly a century on the market.
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THE 1926 COLLECTION – a premium 100% down batiste pillow


£ 125,00£ 230,00


THE MARIA COLLECTION – 100% down pillow


£ 105,00£ 175,00