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Filling is the focal point when it comes to choosing your perfect duvet – it determines whether the duvet is warm, light, and breathable.

Duvets are made with either a natural or a synthetic filling, where down or feathers constitute the former type.

It is worth knowing the features of both in order to decide on the product best suited to your needs.

They used to be torn and split by hand on long fall and winter evenings. Nowadays, they are sorted automatically using compressed air. Regardless of the sorting method, it brings about the same effect – the best possible filling for duvets and pillows.

Both down and feathers are obtained from poultry, i.e. ducks and geese. It should be noted that goose feathers and down present a choice superior to those of ducks in every possible respect. Goose down is superior to duck down in every possible way. Goose down and feathers are characterized by a higher fill power and are larger because geese are farmed up to three times longer than ducks. The many underdeveloped ducks’ parts – which are farmed for a shorter period of time – generate a lot of down and feathers’ waste, i.e. damaged barbs. Also, due to ducks’ higher fat content their down may have an unpleasant odour that is difficult to remove even in washing.

Down and feathers share certain characteristics as both are breathable, durable, have a high fill power, and provide excellent insulation while being light. However, they differ significantly in softness, fluffiness, and durability, as well as in their antistatic and thermal insulation properties.


Down represents a natural raw material of the highest quality. Pure, ethically sourced down is one of the most expensive while also one of the best available natural fillings for duvets, pillows, and winter clothing.

People have always wondered what makes geese withstand even the harshest winters so well. It turned out that this exceptional resistance to low temperatures is not entirely due to their outer layer made of feathers, but rather to the tiny fluff that grows right on the their skin. Despite the fact that there are commercially available materials that display similar thermal insulation properties, it is natural down that remains peerless.

The secret of these properties lies in its structure. A single ball of down has an irregular, three-dimensional structure, slightly reminiscent of a snowflake. Air is accumulated in the free spaces between the curves of the down fibres and creates a natural barrier that protects against the cold. This ensures that a down filling possesses:

  • A high fill power
  • Durability
  • Lightness
  • Insulating properties
  • Thermoregulatory properties
  • Excellent air circulation
  • Excellent moisture management properties

Down supports comfortable sleep and ensures appropriate temperature control by adjusting itself to your body temperature. Down properties mean it keeps you warm in winter and insulates against heat in summer.

Our duvets and pillows are filled only with the best quality Polish white goose down from the Greater Poland region, where geese farming has a very long and proud tradition. Geese are farmed in ecologically friendly areas and in natural, free-range conditions – this ensures their down is considered the best in the world. Buyers from all around the world, and predominantly from Germany and Japan, are always snapping it up. Many Polish goose down products bear a special origin marking, which proves our globally-recognized reputation in this industry.

We carefully check all our suppliers in terms of product quality, natural geese farming methods, as well as down obtaining process. We adhere to the cruelty free principle and do not cooperate with suppliers who use inhumane practices.


Properly prepared feathers provide good filling, particularly for pillows. However, it is not as delicate as down and its heat parameters are lower than those of down. Feather-filled bedding is heavier, provides less thermal insulation, and slightly less comfort than down duvets.

Feathers, depending on the method, are divided into plucked or cut. Plucked feathers are characterized by a higher fill power, they are lighter and more delicate – this is so because cutting sharpens the edges, which may decrease comfort and convenience of use. Emkap’s products boast the best-quality type of white feathers characterized by exceptional softness. Selected feathers are subjected to a treatment involving the removal of the soft vanes from the shaft, which is the hard element that separates them.

Our store includes a feather and down pillow made from 80% plucked feathers and 20% down. This composition has been tested by several generations of customers and provides exceptional fill power. If you prefer a high pillow that will resist pressure from the head and shoulders, a plucked feather and down pillow will be a superb choice.