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1. Air your duvet and pillows regularly. Cold, dry, and frosty days are ideal for this. Do not expose your duvet to direct sunlight – down may become brittle. If airing the bedding outside is not an option then leave your duvet on the bed and keep the window wide open for approx. 1-2 hours.

2. In order for the duvet to keep its shape and fill power for a long time, shake your duvet and pillows several times after waking up or just before going to bed. If possible, shake the duvet outside once in a while, on a clothesline or a beater (if you can find one in your area, that is!). This is the sort of activity that may result in an unexpected feeling of joy and will surely take you back to a time when energetically shaken fluffy duvets dotted the landscape.

3. Cover your duvets and pillows in natural cotton, linen, silk or wool bedding only – they will retain down’s quality and its heat parameters for a longer period. Natural bedding provides adequate ventilation, allows the skin to breathe properly, and reduces sweating, which means fewer microorganisms can call your duvet or pillow their home. It is a true delight to touch and additionally reinforces down’s thermoregulatory properties.

4. Store duvets in our special, breathable cotton cases. Remember that down cannot be crushed or squeezed too much, because it clumps and loses its properties.

5. Let professionals with experience in washing and cleaning down products handle your duvet and pillows every 2 to 3 years.

6. In order to refresh and clean your down duvet after it’s been in long, continuous use, you may also choose to rejuvenate it comprehensively. This process includes washing, cleaning, and refreshing the duvet in a specialized machine as well as replacing the cover fabric with a new one.

7. And finally – in order for the down duvet to retain its softness and fill power for years, do not sit on it or jump on it, do not cover it with heavy bedspreads… rather, hug it tightly and tenderly every night.