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Getting a good night's sleep is largely a personal matter, as comfort and rest depend on your preferences. However, regardless of whether you prefer a soft or a firm mattress, prefer to sleep in a cool or a warm place, or need caring arms around you to fall asleep – there are some basic principles of a good night's sleep that apply to all of us.

To help you plan a splendid night's sleep, here are some top tips that will make you sleep soundly and wake up refreshed.

1- First of all, prioritize good sleep - the relationship between sleep quality and physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing is well documented. Sleep regenerates the mind and the body. A good night's rest will make you feel refreshed and ready for the all the daily challenges. Don't skip sleep for other activities.

2- Get enough sleep - the recommended amount of sleep depends on various factors, especially age; but an appropriate amount for a healthy adult is considered to be approx. 6-8 hours.

3- Stick to your sleep schedule - going to bed and getting up at the same time each day works best. Try to limit the deviations from your sleep schedule on weekdays and weekends to no more than one hour. Being consistent reinforces the benefits of sleep.

4- Create an environment conducive to calming down before going to sleep - turning your bedroom into a place of comfort and relaxation will help you fall asleep quickly and easily. Avoid using light-emitting screens just before trying to fall asleep. Consider using blackout blinds, earplugs, essential oils, a fan, or anything else to help you create an environment that suits your needs. Before going to sleep make sure you indulge in soothing and calming activities such as an aromatic bath, some relaxation techniques, or a hug from your loved one.

5- Ensure the highest comfort of sleep -  choose a high-quality duvet, pillow, and bedding that will help you maintain the right temperature throughout the night. Thermoregulation is a bodily process that ensures you maintain an appropriate temperature according to the sleep-wake rhythm. A decrease in the body temperature helps falling asleep and keep sleeping throughout the night; while an increase in the body temperature is like a switch to the vigilant state – which, of course, interferes with the rest process. A thermoregulatory duvet – such as an anti-allergic goose down duvet – is a great choice, because it prevents both excessive cooling down and overheating of the body. Down is extremely light and breathable, and creates a cosy feeling of warmth while ensuring the moisture is wicked away continuously. Goose down duvets do not trap perspiration, keeping you cool and dry all night long even during summer hot nights. Also remember that when it gets warm, in late spring and summer it is worth changing your warm down duvet for its summer, light version. See our suggestions for duvets for spring/summer: light, spring-summer 100% premium batiste down duvet "1926" Collection or light, spring-summer 100% cotton down duvet from "Maria" Collection. That translates to excellent thermoregulation and a comfortable sleep.

6- Don't take your worries to bed - try to resolve your worries and fears before going to sleep. Sometimes it may be enough to write down the stressful things or a morning to-do list and… put it all off until tomorrow. Breathing exercises and meditation will also go a long way to calm you down and ease any anxiety you may be experiencing.

7- Book’ your bed as a sleep-only zone – having a comfortable bed and a soothing bedroom environment means you may want to spend all your time there and engage in all kinds of activities. However, remember that if you want to fall asleep quickly and get a good night's sleep, your head requires to readily associate your bed with sleep, so try to limit your bed activities to sleep (and sex...) only.