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Goose down duvet vs duck down duvet

Natural filling for duvets is now increasingly popular and desirable. This is due to the high quality of down, which has many practical advantages. There are duvets with duck and goose down available on the market. Which variety is better and will ensure a healthy night's sleep as well as the highest level of comfort during rest? It is definitely worth having a closer look at these solutions in order to choose the best duvet for you and your family's needs.


The extraordinary softness of a down duvet

Duvets with natural filling in the form of duck down and goose down can be found in the shops. Duvet sets containing down are much softer than duvets using synthetic fillers. However, it is important to know that the two types of down have different properties, as well as the quality itself. Therefore, the average consumer shopper may be in doubt about which product to choose, and the decision is not at all that obvious.

Price of duck down and goose down

The first noticeable difference is the price. Duck down is much cheaper than goose down, which also reflects in the prices of the duvets available on the market. A lower price does not always have to mean lower quality, but in this case it does. Duck down has imperfections, which can be noticed most quickly by the smell. Duck down has a characteristic odour that is difficult to get rid of even after repeated washing. For many people, this feature alone may disqualify the use of a duvet with duck down in their home.

Advantages of a goose down duvet

Goose down has a functionality that can be easily noticed during sleep. A duvet with goose down is resilient, soft and flexible. It is characterized by excellent thermal insulation properties and at the same time high air permeability. In this way, the duvet can remain fresh for a long time and the skin hidden under the duvet can breathe freely. This means that the user of the duvet will not wake up cold or overheated. A more comfortable and more effective rest will therefore be achieved.

Choosing a duvet with goose down

When choosing a duvet containing goose down, it is important to pay attention to whether the down used is new, i.e. down that has not been used in any products before. There are a number of manufacturers on the market who use after-market down, so that the finished duvet may be of inferior quality. An important factor when choosing a down duvet, which determines the quality, is the percentage of down. The higher this value, the better the quality of the filling and the lighter the duvet. The best quality down duvet contains no less than 100% of down.

CUIN value, which is the volume of down

Another important parameter is the CUIN, or volume of a specific amount of down. It tells what volume one gram of down occupies. The higher the CUIN number, the better the quality of the down and its thermal insulation. A duvet filled with down with a higher CUIN number is lighter than a duvet filled with lower quality down. Consequently, exclusive down duvets have less weight but better utility properties. A resilience of 600 to 700 CUIN is considered to be of high quality, and above that is considered to be excellent. Such duvets are recommended for people who freeze at night, who prefer lightweight bedding and who suffer from various conditions, including rheumatism.

The best goose down from Poland

It is worth knowing that Polish goose down from the region of Greater Poland is a filling which is known and valued all over the world. It is characterized by very high density and resilience, as well as exceptional purity. Interestingly, this material is particularly popular in Japan. The exceptional quality of Polish down is usually explained from the special way the geese are fed. According to many sources, the most valuable type of down is obtained from birds fed with oats.

Cleaning and maintaining a down duvet

Anyone who has become the lucky owner of a down duvet should know how to handle it so that it serves them for as long as possible. In order to clean such a duvet with goose down, it should be taken to a specialized laundry. Such duvets cannot be washed in washing machines as they are very sensitive to chemicals and detergents. The duvet should be cleaned at least once every three to four years and aired regularly. A properly cared for down duvet will retain its original properties, including flexibility and resilience. It will be able to serve your home for up to several decades without needing to be replaced.

Goose down duvet for years to come

As you can see, a duvet with goose down is definitely a better choice than bedding containing duck down. It is distinguished by its great softness, lightness and excellent air permeability. It is suitable for people who expect a high level of comfort. Buying a high-quality duvet with goose down is an investment in healthy sleep for the whole family for many years.